Inclement Weather Announcment

All courses for the first starter of the year will be open and inviting using mainly the more natural fences and logs.

The lower levels will stay in the open fields with the upper levels having a short loop through the woods staying on the flatter terrain areas. All levels will have options at water, banks and ditch complexes. No levels will be timed. Courses are designed for first outings of the season with slightly shorter overall distances and fewer fences than late season courses. Great way to dust off the cobwebs and get out on cross-country again!

 June 12, 2021 Jackpot Jumpers

 Jackpot Jumpers is a low-pressure jumper schooling show. 

Your FIRST round at each level will be the Jackpot Jumper round. All other rounds will be HC (unjudged).

You can sign up to school as many rounds and levels as you need. Ribbons and prize money only awarded for the first round at each level. Ribbons/prize money will not be awarded for any subsequent rounds at the same level; those rounds will be HC/unjudged.


  • Crossrails 
  • Elementary (2' to 2'3”)
  • Beginner Novice (2'7”)
  • Novice (2'11”)
  • Training (3'3”)
  • Modified (3'5")
  • Preliminary (3'7”)
  • Intermediate (3'11")
  • Email us if you are interested in Advanced - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • First round is competitive, no exceptions.
  • Ribbons to 8th place
  • Prize money to 3rd place (Crossrails through Intermediate)
    • $10 add-back ($10 per horse goes back to jackpot)
    • 1st place receives 60% of total; 2nd place receives 30%; 3rd place receives 10%
    • there must be a least 4 jackpot entries for prize money to be distributed
  • All subsequent rounds HC/unjudged, regardless of level.
  • Jumping Rounds are $35 per round.
  • Unless otherwise stated, USEA Rules for Eventing apply.
  • Prize money will be mailed out within 2 weeks of show to winners. Please make sure you have added your correct mailing address into the online entry form.


  • 4 faults per rail
  • 4 faults for first refusal
  • 8 faults for second refusal
  • elimination at third refusal (any level)
  • fastest time with fewest faults wins

Remember that you "own" your ride slot. If you're not able to come you're responsible for either filling the slot or paying for it.



Feb 27 - Feb 28: Cross Derby (resched. from 2/13-14)
Feb 28: Dressage Schooling Show
Mar 2: Martin Douzant Winter Cross Country Clinic
Mar 3: Dan Clasing Winter XC Clinic
Mar 6 - Mar 7: Cross Derby on All Weather Footing
Mar 20 - Mar 21: MDHT Starter Horse Trial
Apr 7: Twilight Eventing
Apr 17 - Apr 18: MDHT Starter Horse Trial
Apr 28: Twilight Eventing
May 12: Twilight Eventing
May 24: Stephen Bradley Spring Cross Country Clinic
May 25: Martin Douzant Cross Country Clinic
May 28: Young Horse Show Series YHSS, FEH/YEH/NEH in conjunction with Jump Chute Clinic
May 29 - May 30: MDHT Starter Horse Trial
Jun 5: USDF LMF Dressage Fest 1
Jun 6: USDF LMF Dressage Fest 2
Jun 9: Twilight Eventing
Jun 12: PYT Dressage + Jackpot Jumpers
Jul 2 - Jul 4: MD International 1/2/3* + HT
Jul 9: USEA FEH/YEH and Jump Chute Clinic
Jul 10 - Jul 11: USEA MDHT #2
Jul 12: Volunteer Schooling Day
Jul 12 - Jul 19: XC schooling on Comp Course
Jul 17: Volunteer Schooling Day
Jul 28: Twilight Eventing
Aug 4: Twilight Eventing
Aug 7: USDF LMF Dressage Fest 3
Aug 8: USDF LMF Dressage Fest 4
Aug 11: Twilight Eventing
Aug 25: Twilight Eventing
Sep 18 - Sep 19: MDHT Starter HT
Sep 24: Jump Chute/FEH/YEH/NEH Qualifiers
Sep 25 - Sep 26: FEH East Coast Champs
Oct 1 - Oct 3: MDHT #3 - Area2 Champs
Oct 9 - Oct 10: MDHT Starter HT
Oct 11: Volunteer Schooling Day
Oct 11 - Oct 17: XC schooling on Comp Course
Oct 16: Volunteer Schooling Day
Oct 30 - Oct 31: MDHT Starter HT/Starter HT Championships
Dec 4 - Dec 5: Donation Derby