June 12, 2021

Dressage tests $35 each and Fix-a-Test rounds are $50 each.

Loch Moy Farm is offering schooling dressage shows that afford competitors the chance to ride any test at any available time of day. Riders use an online form to select their tests, their ride times, and to submit paperwork and payment. The earlier one signs up, the more likely that preferred time slots are still open. Entry forms are now available!

Fix-a-Test also offered! Like a mini dressage lesson--you will perform your test and then get feedback from judge, work on problem areas and ride test again, if desired. Limited spots available - large or small ring test.

Leadline dressage tests will be offered. Use one of our suggested tests or find your own. Para dressage, gaited, Western, and Young Horse tests are also welcome and encouraged.

Ribbons: For these shows, riders will be pinned using the Danish system. Tests scoring:

  • 70% or higher get a blue ribbon
  • 66%-69.999% get a red ribbon
  • 62%-65.999% get a yellow ribbon
  • 57%-61.999% get a white ribbon
  • 52%-56.999 get a pink ribbon

 This method rewards the rider's hard work and individual accomplishments without the stress of head-to-head competition.

High Performance: Borrowed from our colleagues at Straight Forward Dressage in Pennsylvania, we are introducing High Performance awards for exceptional scores on certain movements. For every score of 8 or above on any of the following movements, the rider will receive a special High Performance lapel pin. There is no limit to the number of pins riders can receive!

• Any rider score in the collectives
• All halts
• Turn on the haunches and walk pirouettes
• Free walk
• Stretchy trot circle
• Giving one or both reins in canter

Remember that you "own" your ride slot. If you're not able to come you're responsible for either filling the slot or paying for it.

Entry form available soon.

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